About Dropdom™ Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a dropdom block puzzle game.

It moves the jewel horizontally, filling the jewel with one line, and eliminating for high score.

This game is fun and strategic.

It requires the player to observe, judge, move, and finally reach a line, or multiple lines.

Eliminate one line and score, if you eliminate multiple lines, you will get a high score.

If the player's gemstone reaches the top, the game ends.

How to play:

1: moving the jewel

2: The jewel has no support points and will fall.

3: When filling a line, it will be eliminated and scored.

4: Continuous elimination will get extra score

5: The color block will eliminate the connection with it.

A little bit of puzzle game:

1: not addicted

2: There is no in-app purchase, players do not have to spend.

3: You can also play in the lower ages.

4: Exercise the brain and make people smart.

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